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Extras and Information

The place for detailed documents about The HOLS, quizzes and other extras!

There's usually more to the world of The HOLS than you might think at first. There are detailed systems behind many things. This is the place to find documents detailing these systems. This is the place for the fans who want to know a little more about The HOLS and want to know what's going on behind the scenes.
You can also find all the other extras here! For example, you can try your hand at quizzes here and test your knowledge about The HOLS.

Story: Mysterious New York
A zany, nonsensical story that I've written when I was 16 years old. It's about a series of mysterious events in New York.

Quiz: Episode 101
A quiz about Episode 101 version 8. This is the first quiz on this website and is meant as a test. The questions are very specific and can be difficult.

Quiz: Season 1
A quiz that covers all of Season 1. Try this one out if you've read the whole Season and see if you still know the important things.

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