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General questions - NO spoilers

What is The HOLS?

The HOLS is a project I have been working on for over 5 years. It's an anime that I have been writing and that I have put my heart and soul into! The HOLS is still a working title, and the title might change. I might keep it, but it might get interpreted wrongly. I haven't really decided on that yet. The HOLS stands for The House of Lost Souls and it's the name of the orphanage in the anime. The HOLS is of the romantic drama and comedy genre, but there is also quite some fantasy in here. A year ago I lost all my work and I had to start over, that's why this site is pretty empty at the moment. I am updating often, though, so keep checking back!

What about spoilers? Should I watch out for them while browsing this site?

Yes and no. If you are new here and you haven't read anything of the story yet, I suggest you go right to the Scripts section and start reading before going anywhere else, since this site will show spoilers. I plan to make a spoiler-free version soon, though. Also, if a new spoiler is revealed in the scripts, I won't show these spoilers on the rest of the site for a week. This is so that people are given a week to read the new script without worrying about spoilers on the rest of the site.

What genre is The HOLS?

If I would have to pin genres on The HOLS, I would say that Humor, Romance, Drama, Fantasy and Slice of Life fit the bill perfectly. Fantasy and Slice of Life? Oh yes! There is a strong emphasis on humor and ridiculous situations; they keep returning every time. Later on it will get more dramatic, but it will still be humorous at proper times. There are also "naughty scenes" so to say. So I'd label this as mostly shõnen with a bit of shõjo. If you like these genres, I recommend reading one of the scripts and see if you really like it.

What is the target audience of The HOLS?

Due to the humor and "naughty scenes" I'd say the target audience is mostly young adolescent boys. But older boys and girls of the same age will enjoy this just as much.

Where does The HOLS take place?

The HOLS usually takes place in The Netherlands, though sometimes they travel to other countries, like Germany. The main language therefore is Dutch and not English. Everything is just written in English for international readers, but in actuality the characters are talking Dutch.

How long do you usually take to write one episode?

When I am not busy at all, I can finish an episode in as little as a week, maybe less even. But nowadays I am really busy and it could take weeks for me to finish. When I find the time I try to work as much on The HOLS as possible!

Can I get a notification when a new script is added, or when there is a new website update?

RSS Sure, The HOLS as an RSS feed, which you can access here.
Alternatively, you can also manage your e-mail subscriptions, which can be done here.

What is RSS and how do I use it?

RSS RSS is a neat little way to keep up to date with news. Most popular websites have an RSS feed. You can subscribe to an RSS feed using an RSS reader. The most popular one (as it's web-based) is Googler Reader. You can subscribe to the RSS feed using Google Reader and keep up to date with all the updates. Just click the RSS feed link (here) and choose to subscribe using Google Reader.

What are you busy with?

Well, basically what every guy is busy with. I am busy in University, so I have a lot of studying to do. And in my free time, I hang out with friends or I play video games. The University is top priority, and in my free time I divide my time evenly over friends, games and The HOLS.

Just who are you? Is your name really Nurio Marayana?

No, my name is not really Nurio Marayana, but I have no intentions on telling you my real name. You don't need to know my real name as I like to be referred to as Nurio. I am a guy (born 8th Oct. 1990) who really likes technology and creativity. I am also colorblind which could be a bit of a problem with web design... That's probably all you need to know, if you have more specific questions about me, go ahead and ask them.

What is your favorite (kind of) anime/manga/visual novel?

I don't really have a favorite anime. But I can say Fullmetal Alchemist and Kanon are in my top list. Those two are pretty far apart in genre! You can also read The HOLS to see what kind of anime I like, since my writings reflect my preferences.

What are your future plans for The HOLS?

Quite honestly, I don't know. I am writing The HOLS for my and your enjoyment. While I would love The HOLS to be adapted into a real anime, manga or visual novel, I have no real idea on how to do that. I don't think I really have the drawing skills to create my own manga, so I can really only hope that a good animation studio likes to use my ideas. The chances of that happening are slim, but one can only hope... Lastly, there's the option for a visual novel. I can definitely write one, but I'd still need help with the art, the music and the publishing.

This site is ugly. Will you change it?

There probably won't be a new design for a while. However, I am willing to change the color scheme if it is requested. If you have any feedback or comments about the current site design, see the Contact and credits section for more info.

Which internet browsers are compatible with this website?

The website is designed to work 100% with Firefox 3 and up and Google Chrome. IE6 has trouble with transparency. IE7 and up work 100% though. So if you have IE6, consider upgrading. I don't know how Safari and Opera work. If you encounter any problems, send me an e-mail.

What's with the weird numbering of the episodes?

Well, there is a certain logic behind this numbering. As you can see every episode (except the movies) have three numbers. The first number is the season number, and the two numbers after that is the episode number within that season. There's sometimes an additional last number, and that is the version number, since I sometimes make alterations on my scripts. So, episode 211v3 is the 3rd version of the 11th episode of season 2. If you look at the Scripts section, you will see there are 4 seasons with 12 episodes each! There's also a "Season S" and a "Season H", plus 2 movies. To be honest though, this amount of episodes may change for the better or worse...

I tried to read the scripts, but all I get is a strange PDF file

Yes, all scripts are in a PDF file format. You'll need either Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or higher or Foxit Reader to be able to read them. Both are free to download and they should integrate into your web browser so that you can read the Scripts right in your browser! If that doesn't work, you can always try to read them using Google Docs, even though it's recommended to use either Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader.


Season 1 - Spoilers ahead!

Episode 101:

101: Setting up an orphanage like that, isn't that illegal?

Yes, what Roy did in this episode is very very illegal. You can't just create your orphanage without notifying the authorities. There are more laws that make this illegal, but there's no need to go into detail. It's illegal, very illegal. Don't try this at home!

Episode 102:

102: That TNG girl. Is it the same girl from Episode 101?

Why yes, yes she is. Or is she? You can't exactly tell whether it is the same girl. The only thing you know is that one or multiple girls appear once in each episode, and they all look the same. So the girl in Episode 101 looks the same as the one in Episode 102, but they act very different. It could be the same girl, but it could be a different girl entirely. Mystery!

102: Where's Ellen?

Who knows? Peter says Ellen exists, but so far she hasn't shown herself...

Episode 103:

103: What religion does May have?

May doesn't have a very specific religion. It's a religion she has created herself, what she believes herself. It's her own "theories" of the truth and the answers to life's questions. Her religion is based on Christianity so it could be considered a branch of Christianity.

103: The scene with the bug at the end, it was very detailed. It must have happened to you in real life!

Thanks for the compliment about my attention to detail. But I have to disappoint you and say that I haven't yet encountered any girls with bugs inside their clothes.

Episode 104:

104: Does Gretl have any relatives?

No, sadly Gretl lives completely by herself and has no remaining relatives. It's part of the reason why she is so bitter and why she is mad at Chris.

104: Since when does Chris get so sad? He's usually so happy.

Chris is usually happy and carefree. Chris is also still very much a child, and as such he secretly and subconsciously wanted a parent. When he was abandoned by his first father, he lost faith in any parents. Gretl adopted Chris, but Chris completely ignored Gretl and didn't give any love. Later, Chris regrets this a lot since he realized he could've had a new mom and that he hurt Gretl a lot.

Episode 105:

105: Nanako Marayana. Wait, isn't YOUR name Nurio Marayana?

No, no, no. Nurio Marayana is only an alias I use for publishing The HOLS. There is a deeper story behind my alias and Nanako's last name, but it's nothing too big. The Nanako character is very loosely based on someone I met on the internet.

Episode 106:

106: Wait, Peter and Ellen can perform telepathy? For real?

Yes, it has been proved by the HOLS members clearly. Though, some members still have some doubts, but it's very much real. This story has quite a few fantasy elements in them, and this is one of them. Hopefully it feels natural enough.

106: Nanako seemed very out of character. Very much not like herself.

Do you mean the burst of anger and frustration? Yes, that seemed very out of character, but it is actually in character. Nanako calculates every situation to get the most advantage out of it. She's a perfectionist. So when something goes wrong, she loses control of everything, and everything will spiral downwards.

106: The HOLS gets remodeled, just like that?

Yes and no. Nanako has prepared this remodeling for some time. Pete is just a very quick man. When he gets a job, he's immediately on it. It's what makes him very popular.

Episode 107:

107: What were Chris and Roy doing when they were alone in Roy's room?

Contrary to what Chris wants you to believe, nothing happened. Chris hasn't assaulted Roy in any way. The only thing Chris did was make a little deal with Roy about selling his pictures.

107: HQE and BEE High School? Do they mean anything?

Yes, they do mean something. Nanako goes to BEE High School and the rest goes to HQE High School. The names aren't serious, which is why they aren't explained in the Episode itself. BEE stands for Best Education Ever and HQE stands for High Quality Education. Yeah, just try to take a school seriously when it's called like that. That's why they only use the abbreviations.

Episode 108:

108: Why did TNG let Roy go with all those charges?

It is strange that TNG let Roy go even though he was carrying child porn with him. The thing is, Roy intimidated TNG back in the dark alley. TNG wsa very much impressed and actually started to like Roy a little. She didn't want to arrest Roy anymore. When she heard the rumors about the "anonymous sunglasses guy who caught the world-infamous thief" she had a semi-legit reason to let Roy go, so she took that opportunity.

108: I don't really understand Nanako's plan at the funfair.

From the moment Nico asked Nanako out, Nanako had the suspicion that Nico isn't honest with her. She felt that Nico didn't actually want to go on a date with her... But then why did he ask her out? That's exactly what Nanako was trying to find out. First she needed to confirm her thoughts, so she taunted and tried to seduce Nico, but there was no reaction. If his intentions were true, Nico would've reacted at least a little, but he didn't. Nanako then confronted him with this, and Nico came clean. Nico told Nanako about his real intentions.

108: Nanako and Nico are siblings now? For real!?

Well, it's not yet official, but yes. It certainly is shocking and very strange. But consider this, children often do get adopted from orphanages, so it's not entirely strange that Nanako got adopted. Though, this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Martin's "all-business" mindset. He saw that Nanako wanted a family and that Nico needed a sister. He doesn't care about strangeness or awkwardness and knew that the best solution to this problem is adopting Nanako. So that's exactly what he did.

Episode 109:

109: Normally when someone bounces up and down on your breasts, you'll wake up

That's entirely correct. However, Nanako is no normal person. She's just a very heavy sleeper. There really is no other explanation.

109: Nanako and Nico take a bath to prove their sibling bond? That's kind of strange

It is, isn't it? Normally siblings take baths when they're younger. However, in Japan it isn't exactly uncommon to go to a public bath with the family (or friends). Since Nanako is from Japan, she thought that if she'd be able to take a (not really public) bath with Nico, they can be considered family.

109: The scene with the cat, and the, the... I just don't get it at all! What happened!?

Well, good. It is supposed to be something inexplicable. It doesn't make much sense at the moment, but when you read Episode 110, everything will be clear. Just consider that, and you'll be alright. It's just a mysterious event where Nico almost died, and it will be explained soon.

109: Now who was this mysterious girl? Why did she try to kill Nico? Where did she come from? How did she do all that?

For now she's just a girl that holds a grudge against Nico, who apparently did some inexplicable stuff and with unknown origin. All will be made clear in Episode 110.

109: What was with Chris's outburst? Nico is his... Dad?

Well, yes... no. Nico was Chris's Dad, but he abandoned him 2 years ago. Also, he wasn't exactly his dad in a legal or biological sense. It's because Nico took care of Chris that Chris considers Nico his father. And of course, Chris is upset because he got abandoned. For the reason why he was abandoned, you'll have to wait a while.

109: Hold on. Nico is being called Nurio by May. What's up with that?

First you have to understand that Nanako is a real person I knew and that the character Nanako is losely based on her. Ever since a very long time, I've been using the Nurio name on the internet. This was before I (and Nanako) even came up with the idea for The HOLS. I decided to let one of the characters call him Nurio, just as a simple nod to my own internet name. The reason it's May who calls him that, that's just a coincidence. And the reason why Nanako calls him Nuri is because that's how the real Nanako used to call me.

Episode 110:

110: Did everything work out with the adoption papers?

Yes, absolutely. Roy just gave those adoption papers to Peter and he took care of it. How he takes care of it will always remain a mystery, but just trust that everything is official and legal now. (In other words: The author knows it's legally ambiguous, but he doesn't want to and can't explain it or make sense of it. He uses Peter as a cop out.)

110: About Nico's and Samantha's secrets. Are you serious?

Yes, I'm completely serious. I've thought long and hard about these secrets to come up with a decent, logical and believable system. It's not just something put together like that. My explanation isn't just "It's magic". There's more to it. I tried to make it as real and as natural as possible. Does that mean I believe in magic and angels or a God? No, I don't. But this is maybe how I'd imagine it if it were real. Just remember that this is a work of fiction and that it contains a lot of fantasy.

110: I don't really understand Nico's secret...

Well, that's to be expected. It is a lot of fantasy to take in all of a sudden, so it's natural that you'd get a bit confused. Nico is a magician. Magic isn't all powerful, though. It still follows certain laws of nature. You can't do the impossible with it. Magicians use "magical energy" to perform spells. The magical energy is gathered from their feelings or emotions. The stronger someone feels something, the stronger the magic will be. That's also how accidental magic happens (like Ellen's skirt floating up when Nico met her), the magician can't control his energy. A magician can't perform a spell just like that. He first has to have a capable body, enough magical energy and the skills to focus this magical energy. It's like a soccer player. He has to have a capable body (two legs), enough stamina (the energy to run) and the skills (being able to kick a ball in the right direction). A magician can use magical words or magical equipment to enhance his powers. However, all these words or equipment does is put the magician in the right mood to make him concentrate more. There's nothing magical about them. A magic wand is used to direct/aim/point certain spells. The Magic Society is the society for all magicians and is contained within one building: The Residency of Magic. All magicians go there to study about magic and practice their magic skills. They choose which magic school they want to attend. Every magic school has its own vision on magic and has a bit of a different culture and rules. The Magic Society is ruled by three Ministers, who also made the rules for The Society. There are also a few magicians who don't want to be a part of The Magic Society. These are called rogue magicians and they are being pursued by The Magic Society and banished when caught. That's the whole magic system in a nutshell for now. Read it over a few times if it's still confusing.

110: I don't really understand Samantha...

Well, that's because there isn't much to tell about her. However, I'll try to explain everything. Samantha is a guardian angel. She's a holy entity who's assigned to protect Nico from every harm. She got assigned to Nico because of the dangers of his magic. Samantha, being an angel, doesn't have a body. Consider her a soul or a ghost, but with divine powers. She has no body, but when she shows herself she has to have some sort of a figure, so people (or actually only Nico) can identify her. She chose to present herself as an 8-year-old cute girl. The reason Nico can see her is because he's a magician and because he had a near-death experience. This near-death experience gave him the skills to be able to see spirits and the like.

110: What's with Chris's sudden behavior? So scared and cuddly all of a sudden?

You have to consider that Chris stayed with Nico for at least a year. He never really left Nico's side. This is also when Nico was always heavily under attack from Aura. Aura already looks scary but when you keep seeing her trying to kill your dad, using all kinds of magic spells, of course you get scared. Chris got traumatized in that year. He just has a very strange way of expressing it. He acts like a scared dog and cuddles up to whatever feels safe.

110: Aura says she doesn't kill just anyone, but she was about to kill May!

No, she wasn't. It may have seem that way and that should've been your initial thought. But it will later become clear that the stiletto Aura was holding is actually her magic wand. She likes a magic wand that can also be used as a melee weapon. Aura just wanted to use a spell to knock May out. She never intended any real harm to May. She just needed a way to "get rid of her" so May wouldn't see Aura's secret (her magic).

110: What happened to Dennis's house at the end?

Remember what Aura said about the third floor of The HOLS? She created it by "getting a few walls around The HOLS". She literally took the walls from Dennis's house and placed them on top of The HOLS. As a result, anything that was on the second and third floor plummeted down and Dennis's house was just a hollow cube with a lot of furniture on the floor. Poor Dennis...

Episode 111:

111: What does "Uuuu!" mean?

It's just a grunt of sorts like "Ugh" or "Ack!". It's Ellen's trademark 'catchphrase'. She says this whenever she is shy or confused. It's supposed to have a cute ring to it.

111: Why does Aura keep turning back into a cat?

Aura has never really made this clear, but she turns into a cat to spy on everyone. She wants to gather information on everyone so she can exploit them. And since Aura isn't one for normal communication between people, she opts for spying on them.

111: Why does Ellen cry over even the littlest things? And why did she write down those disturbing things?

It's just in Ellen's nature. She is really afraid of failure, so she really hates herself whenever she makes a mistake, no matter how little it is. Though, it seems that Ellen didn't used to cry as much as she does now. When everyone was gossiping about Ellen in class while she had to make a test she didn't prepare, Ellen started to panic alot. She doesn't want others talk bad about her, so in her panic she started writing her subconscious thoughts on her test sheet.

111: Since when is Chris so perverted?

Chris has always been a little perverted. He is a boy after all. It's just that he is much better at hiding it than Roy is. Chris doesn't harrass girls as much as Roy (unintentionally) does. In fact, he only goes after one girl; did you notice?

111: Everyone let Alphonse just take away Peter and Ellen without much of a fight?

Yes, it's because Alphonse had a trump card. He knew that The HOLS was a shady business (it's an illegal orphanage after all), so he threatened to have an inspector look around. It would be an instant game-over if that would happen. Roy and the others had no choice but to comply to Alphonse's demands, no matter how much they'd miss Peter and Ellen. And Peter wouldn't have wanted it any other way. He doesn't want others to suffer for his problems.

Episode 112:

112: Peter agrees with Alphonse to have Ellen stay in his room? That's unnatural of Peter, since Alphonse raped Ellen!

Normally... yes. However, Peter felt very weak and helpless at that moment. Peter was simply overpowered by Alphonse and he had no choice but to agree with him at that time. He didn't find himself worthy of protecting Ellen at that time and temporarily passed on the job as a guardian to Alphonse, as unnatural as that may sound. Alphonse did save Ellen and he is more capable of protecting her than Peter is.

112: When Peter saw Nanako's bank card, he immediately thought of Roy. Nanako is completely left out of the picture!

Yes, and the same thing happened with Dennis. He apologized to Roy when he gambled 5000 of Nanako's money. He also first thought of calling Roy when he needed help withdrawing the 5000. Why is that? It's simple. Peter and Dennis trust Roy way more than they trust Nanako. When they think of the person they can depend on, it's Roy who shows up in their minds. It's not because Nanako is a bad person, but Roy just had more opportunities to bond with the two.

112: At the end, Peter and Roy just went and left Dennis behind!?

They did indeed. It was mostly Roy's decision to leave Dennis behind. Roy isn't very fond of Dennis and wants to spend as least time as possible with him. Roy isn't completely heartless, though. He knows that Dennis can drive a car (proven in Episode 106), so he left the car there so Dennis can get home that way. Roy chose to go by train, and Peter only agreed because he wanted to go home as quietly and as quickly as possible.

112: Where did Roy get the money for the train tickets anyway? Isn't he broke?

Roy is broke, however remember that Dennis has won quite some money from his first Poker match. He maybe won 400 Euros or something and he had to give it all to Roy (since he's in control and all). Roy only gave 200 to Dennis for his second match, so that Dennis can't waste too many money. (Guess that didn't work out, huh?) With the remaining 200, Roy was able to buy the train tickets.


Season 2 - Spoilers ahead!

Episode 201:

201: Why did everyone act so weird and out-of-character?

Roy went to kidnap Peter and Ellen from Alphonse. Everyone of course thought this was very dangerous. And then Roy stayed away for multiple days without even contacting anyone at The HOLS. So basically, everyone got a little worried and started missing Roy. This resulted in awkward moments when Roy finally did return. Everyone was really happy to see him again, but nobody wanted to admit that. It didn't help that the first thing they saw was Ellen unconscious, which doesn't help to set a nice mood.

201: Why did May started drinking? Has she drunk before?

May wanted to do something nice for Roy, since everyone was being very mean. The very first thing she thought about was a massage and proposed that to Roy without thinking too much about it. When Roy accepted, she realized what that meant. She would have to touch Roy's half-naked body. Completely stressed out, she tried to lighten her mood by making casual (perverted) talk, but that didn't work at all! In the end, she was so stressed that she needed something to drink to calm herself down. As you noticed, May is a bad (or good?) drunk, and she knows this. So she hardly ever drinks. In this case, May had two choices: 1. Have a drink and relax so she can massage Roy. 2. Don't do Roy's massage and disappoint him. Since May doesn't back down from her promises, she could only do option 1.

201: Why did Ellen freak out like that when she woke up?

You have to consider the time when Ellen fainted. It was when she tried to commit suicide. In other words, she was completely depressed. Her traumas from the past as well as her recent traumas and depressions all flashed by when she tried to kill herself. When she fainted, only these thoughts went through her head. Having to see for 2 days straight the things that traumatized her, without being able to do anything about it, just ate away at her soul until she finally snapped. She couldn't take the torment anymore.

201: And what happened to Nico after that?

Nico, as a magician, has the ability to do spells without having learned them. Learning a spell only means that you are being taught how and where to focus. In other words, you are being taught which "feeling" to have to initiate a spell. That means that a magician can do any spell as long as he's in the right mood, has the right focus and is determined enough. This was the case when he saw Ellen in an epileptic attack. He did a spell where he calmed Ellen down by literally streaming her thoughts, fears and worries into his own head. So, during this time, Nico had a spiritual bond with Ellen. Then it was up to Nanako to calm down Nico.

201: So is this "spiritual bond" the reason Nico can hear Ellen's telepathy and thoughts?

Yes and no. The only thing the bond did was helping Nico stream Ellen's fears to himself and it helped them understand each other's emotions and personalities more. (Ellen said afterwards "It feels as if I know [Nico] better than I think I do.") This understanding made it easy for Nico to "locate Ellen's wavelength", so to say. Since he has already bonded with Ellen and thus have read her thoughts, he knew the process to read them again. So, it's a voluntary magic spell that Nico has to perform actively to read Ellen's telepathy and thoughts. (Contrary to Peter who just has a constant "connection" with Ellen and can send/receive messages and feelings over this connection at will. Also, Nico can only read Ellen's telepathy/thoughts but he can't send any messages this way.)

201: I don't remember Nico being so excitable

Yes, Nico has been a lot calmer in the past, but that was before he met Nanako. He lightened up a lot more and became a lot more active in things. But when he met Ellen, he was love-struck. He started becoming more energetic with each passing day, until the moment Nico became as excitable as he is now.

Episode 202:

202: Where did Roy sleep during the reparation of his room?

Good question! One with a very simple and brief answer. He slept on the couch during this time. Luckily, he didn't have to sleep there for long, because Pete's men are so quick. May was really supportive to Roy and offered to on the floor next to him so he at least has some company. Roy wanted to accept, but refused anyway.

202: Why did Chris go by Nico's house?

People may have forgotten this because it has never been elaborated on too much in the past. Chris used to live in the same house as Nico. (Why and how is unknown at the moment.) Chris also knows all about Nico's magic and the fact that Aura is targeting him. Chris wanted to tell Roy about Nico's secret, and he knew he could find the necessary proof for that in Nico's own room. So he went by Nico's house to get the sticks he later used with Roy.

202: How does Rachel know Chris so well?

People may have forgotten this because it has never been elaborated on too much in the past. Chris used to live in the same house as Nico. (Why and how is unknown at the moment.) He lived there as family, and Chris even called Nico "Daddy." Considering this, of course Rachel and Chris know each other. Martin also knows him, but it just so happened that he was not at home at that time.

202: Nanako calls Nico by his real name and "Nuri" on and off!

Ah, so you noticed! Yes, it really depends on the situation what Nanako calls Nico. Personally, she calls him "Nuri," but whenever she is in a professional or unfamiliar environment, she opts to call him by his real name. Did you also notice May does the same? Except, she even calls him Nico in personal environments. Only when she speaks to him directly does she refer to him as "Nurio," but that's something she doesn't do consistently, because Nanako doesn't want May to call him that.

Episode 203:

203: What exactly made Dennis so depressed/angry/silent at the zoo?

You have to consider that Dennis is not used to so much human contact and energy. It was very overwhelming to him and the way Chris behaved himself (by not listening to Dennis at all) made him think he was just being bullied. Of course, from that point onwards he couldn't really be nice to Chris anymore, but since Dennis is a meek person at heart he couldn't really be very angry at him either. So he opted to just be silent and go home.

203: Why did Chris get so angry with Nanako?

It has a multitude of reasons. First of all, he hated seeing Nanako so depressed all the time and he hated how Nanako wasn't really taking his advice seriously. He felt ridiculed a bit in his religion and his plan to have Nanako and Nico reunited in a special way was quickly falling to pieces. Chris already is prone to explosive emotions and he didn't see any other way out other than yelling at her.

203: What exactly happened in the flashback with Aura?

Nico had a plan to lure Aura to a simulated room of the park The Untainted. However, Aura didn't let herself get teleported, so Nico was stuck in his room with Aura and when the situation grew dire, *something* happened and Nico found himself at The Untainted with aura. He assumed his plan worked after all and went to have Aura attack her. Gamma was on the lookout for this and saw everything, and Aura was caught red-handed. There was a trial, but the evidence this time was substantial and she was locked up for an indefinite amount of time.

203: Don't Martin and Rachel have jobs? Weren't they missed there?

Martin has a job but Rachel doesn't. And who knows? Maybe Martin did get some flack from not appearing at his job for a few days?
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