Update 69: 21-03-11 12:09

69 - 21-03-11 12:09 - First RSS test: Episode 201 spoilers added!


Monday, 21st of March 2011, 12:09 (12:09 PM)
And this is going to be the first RSS test. After MUCH delay, I've actually added the spoilers to the website. It somehow completely slipped my mind and I thought I already added the spoilers. You didn't miss much, though. There hasn't been changed much to the Characters. Quite a lot of questions have been added to the FAQ, though.
Some people might be wondering why Episode 201 is still in beta. That's because of certain circumstances, it hasn't been "beta-tested" yet. (I know that almost makes it sound like some video game or something, even though it's just a simple PDF script.) When it has been beta-tested, I will update it to Version 1, of course. But you can read the beta version just fine, since it's good as it is. I don't expect a lot of changes between beta and version 1.

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