Update 73: 13-07-11 05:01

73 - 13-07-11 05:01 - Added Episode 202 spoilers


Wednesday, 13th of July 2011, 05:01 (5:01 AM)

I've noticed I was a day late with this. Oops! I've added the spoilers for Episode 202 to the website now, though that doesn't say much. Despite some character and plot development, there aren't a lot of new, concrete things to say about the character. So the Characters section has been left unchanged. The only thing that has been updated is the FAQ section. You can find the common questions about Episode 202 there!
Also, I finally got to adding that summary to the Scripts section. I don't think anyone needed it so far, but it's nice to have it there nonetheless. I'm a bit busy in a different project (not related to The HOLS, sorry), so Episode 203 might be a bit delayed after all! To make up for it, I can tell a bit what it's going to be about. Episode 203 is ging to focus mostly on Chris. We get to see what his typical day looks like and what he does to kill time. Of course, I'm not really mean, so of course there will be a followup on the open ending of Episode 202. I hope you'll be looking forward to it.

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