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Update 75: 24-04-13 18:57

75 - 24-04-13 18:57 - Episode 203 added!

Wednesday, 24th of April 2013, 18:57 (6:57 PM)

Well, as promised, Episode 203 is finally finished and added to the website! I have to say, with the new editor, Xeniatri, I am really motivated to keep writing, which is why I suddenly was able to finish Episode 203.
Episode 203 follows Chris as he sets on an epic adventure with an unexpected companion. I won't say any more and let you find out for yourself! This episode follows a new style/layout. It's hard to explain, but when you read the episode, you'll quickly see what's different. Because of this change, Episode 203 has 44 pages, but it's actually just slightly less in content than Episode 201 or 202. Nonetheless, I hope you'll enjoy reading it and look forward to the new episode!

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